Integrated Circuit - DAB2130, VCO, Sound Semiconductor

Integrated Circuit - DAB2130, VCO, Sound Semiconductor

Sound Semiconductor
Integrated Circuit - DAB2130, VCO, Sound Semiconductor image 1
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The Sound Semiconductor DAB2130 is a pre-soldered DIP converter for the SSI2130. This board features the SSI2130 and two decoupling caps for the V+ and V- inputs. The pinout is labelled on the board and matches the QFN pinout. This adapter features a 32 pin DIP base with a .600 in. width. The pins are standard male headers so 2.54mm female headers are recommended for socketing the board. For the standard QFN version, please see P-Q-SSI2130.

The first new VCO IC in decades, and worth the wait! The FatKeys™ SSI2130 Voltage Controlled Oscillator provides beautiful triangle, sawtooth, pulse, and square waveforms with unprecedented temperature stability; and adds an on-chip mixer, low distortion sine wave generator, through-zero FM/PM capability and more in an ultra-compact PCB footprint.

The SSI2130 is a new-generation voltage controlled oscillator subsystem for high-performance electronic musical instruments. A complete analog synthesizer voice can be constructed at low cost with one or more SSI2130’s, a SSI2144 or SSI2140 Voltage Controlled Filter, and SSI2162/2164 VCA(s).

Outputs include triangle, sawtooth, pulse, and open collector square wave with direct voltage outputs. An on-chip five channel mixer with linear control VCA’s sums triangle, saw, and pulse waveforms plus two independent auxiliary inputs into a single current output.

A precision analog multiplier provides unprecedented temperature-compensation, and careful attention was paid to improvement of triangle and sawtooth waveforms compared to previous-generation VCO IC’s.

An accurate and temperature-stable sine wave can be produced by the internal sine shaper circuit. Through-zero FM and PM can be achieved with an external comparator, op amp, and several discrete components.

Optional trims are provided for expo scale and high frequency tracking, but can be automated by CPU-calibrated systems. The SSI2130 requires minimal external components and is available in a diminutive 4x4mm QFN package.


  • Highly Integrated Synth Voice Front-End
  • Triangle, Saw, Pulse, and Open Collector Square Wave Outputs
  • On-Chip Five-Channel Mixer with VCA’s
  • Two Auxiliary Inputs
  • Unprecedented Temperature Stability
  • Exponential and Linear Controls
  • Integrated Sine Wave Shaper
  • Optional Through-Zero FM and PM
  • Few External Components
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Sound Semiconductor
Approximate PCB Length41 mm
Approximate PCB Width18 mm
Cap value0.1µF, 50V X7R
Lead diameter0.64 mm
Lead pitch2.54 mm
Max. Lead Temperature Range (Soldering, 10 sec)260°C
Max. Negative Supply Voltage (VEE)-18 V
Max. Operating Temperature Range-40°C to +85°C
Max. Positive Supply Voltage (VCC)+5.25 V
Max. Storage Temperature Range-65°C to +150°C
Min. Negative Supply Voltage(VEE):-4.75 V
Min. Positive Supply Voltage (VCC)+4.75 V
Mixer - Aux Input Impedance50 kΩ
Mixer - Max. Auxiliary Input Signal Handling±2.5 V
Mixer - Min. Auxiliary Input Signal Handling0 V
Mixer - Mix Out Max.Current200 µA
PCB hole diameter1.02 mm
Row spacing15.24 mm
Sine Shaper - Output Amplitude±2.5 V
Typical Positive Supply Voltage (VCC)+5.0 V
Typical Supply Current (ISY)±3.4 mA
VREF Range2.5 V
VCA - Control Current - Mute0 µA
VCA - Control Current - Unity Gain100 µA
VCO - Expo Scale Factor Drift200 ppm/°C
VCO - Max. Expo Frequency Current200 µA
VCO - Max Operating Frequency (TCAP=3.9nF)60 kHz
VCO - Min. Operating Frequency (TCAP=3.9nF)0.2 Hz
VCO - PWM± Control Range2.5 V
VCO - Square Wave Max. AmplitudeVCC
VCO - Square Wave Min. Amplitude0.2 V
VCO - Sweep Range1000:1
VCO - Tri, Saw, Pulse Wave Max. AmplitudesVREF
VCO - Tri, Saw, Pulse Wave Min. Amplitudes0 V
Packaging Information
Packaging Dimensions1.721 in. × 0.734 in. × 0.47 in.
Weight (Packaging)0.011 lbs.
PDF: SSI2130 DatasheetAll Models
PDF: DAB2130 DatasheetAll Models

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PDF: DAB2130 Datasheet DAB2130 Datasheet145.38 KB
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