Integrated Circuit - DAB2140, Multi-Mode VCF, Sound Semiconductor

Integrated Circuit - DAB2140, Multi-Mode VCF, Sound Semiconductor

Sound Semiconductor
Integrated Circuit - DAB2140, Multi-Mode VCF, Sound Semiconductor image 1
Integrated Circuit - DAB2140, Multi-Mode VCF, Sound Semiconductor image 2
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Integrated Circuit - DAB2140, Multi-Mode VCF, Sound Semiconductor image 1Integrated Circuit - DAB2140, Multi-Mode VCF, Sound Semiconductor image 2
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The Sound Semiconductor DAB2140 is a pre-soldered DIP converter for the SSI2140. This board features the SSI2140 and two decoupling caps for the V+ and V- inputs. The pinout is labelled on the board and matches the SSOP pinout. This adapter features a 20 pin DIP base with a .600 in. width. The pins are standard male headers so 2.54mm female headers are recommended for socketing the board. For the SSOP version, please see P-Q-SSI2140.

A refresh of a classic design, the FatKeys™ SSI2140 preserves mojo of the beloved SSM2040 and adds temperature compensation of gm cells and the exponential control port. A "Q VCA" is provided to allow easy resonance control as well as various options for Q compensation. The four transconductance cells are highly configurable for a variety of pole and mode combinations.

The SSI2140 is a new-generation voltage controlled filter that provides four highly-configurable variable transconductance cells for a wide variety of pole and mode combinations, and adds significant new features.

Based on an updated core by original SSM2040 designer Dave Rossum, the SSI2140 temperature compensates its transconductance cells for unprecedented stability. Temperature compensation is also optionally available for the exponential control.

A temperature compensated VCA with linear control allows easy control of resonance and supports multiple Q compensation schemes, or otherwise can be used for traditional VCA/VCF roles.

Virtually any type of filter response from one to four poles can be achieved including low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, all-pass, notch, Sallen & Key, biquad, Cauer, state-variable, and others.

Most importantly, great care was taken to preserve the SSM2040’s sonics including an input stage that can be overdriven for classic analog synthesizer character.


  • Highly Configurable Four-Section Filter
  • Preserves SSM2040’s Classic Filter Sound
  • Exponential Frequency Control, with Optional Temperature Compensation
  • On-Chip Resonance Circuit with Linear Control
  • Optional Q Compensation
  • ±4V to ±16V Operation
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Sound Semiconductor
Expo. - Frequency Control Input Bias Current90 nA
Expo. - Frequency Control Sensitivity-18.4 mV/oct
Expo. - Max. Frequency Control Input Range+300 mV
Expo. - Max. Tempco Resistor Nominal Value1000 Ω
Expo. - Min. Frequency Control Input Range-100 mV
Expo. - Min. Tempco Resistor Nominal Value775 Ω
Expo. - Scale Factor Drift (Tempco Disabled)-3250 ppm/°C
Expo. - Scale Factor Drift (Tempco Enabled)+700 ppm/°C
Expo. - Tempco Resistor Temp. Coefficient+3950 ppm/°C
Expo. - Typical Tempco Resistor Nominal Value890 Ω
Max. Current into any Signal Pin±5 mA
Max. Operating Temperature Range-40°C to +85°C
Max. Storage Temperature Range-65°C to +150°C
Max. Supply Current±6.5 mA
Max. Supply Voltage±18 V
Max. Supply Voltage Range±16 V
Max. Voltage, any Pin (whichever is greater)V- minus 0.3V, V- plus 36V, V+ plus 0.3V
Min. Supply Current±3.5 mA
Min. Supply Voltage Range±4 V
Output Compliance Max.V+ - 1.1V
Output Compliance Min.-0.3 V
Q Control Current at Oscillation222 µA
Q Control Max. Input Current Range500 µA
Q Control Min. Input Current Range0 µA
Q VCA Max. Input Bias Current (VCTRL = 222µA)2.0 µA
Q VCA Max. Transconductance Coefficient7.5 µS/µA
Q VCA Min. Transconductance Coefficient5.5 µS/µA
Q VCA Output Leakage6.5 µA
Q VCA Typ. Input Bias Current (VCTRL = 222µA)1.1 µA
Q VCA Typ. Transconductance Coefficient6.4 µS/µA
Trans. Cells - Buffer Output Sink Current1.6 mA
Trans. Cells - Buffer Output Source Current10 mA
Trans. Cells - Change in Offset Voltage, 4 Cells in Series0.6mV
Trans. Cells - Equivalent Input Noise, Each Cell500 nVRMS
Trans. Cells - Input Bias Current50 nA
Trans. Cells - Max. Input Offset Voltage, Each Cell2.0 mV
Trans. Cells - Max. Transconductance (VEXPO = -36mV)1000 µS
Trans. Cells - Max. Transconductance (VEXPO = 0V)270 µS
Trans. Cells - Min. Input Offset Voltage, Each Cell0 mV
Trans. Cells - Min. Transconductance (VEXPO = -36mV)700 µS
Trans. Cells - Min. Transconductance (VEXPO = 0V)160 µS
Trans. Cells - Passband Total Harmonic Distortion0.1 %
Trans. Cells - Transconductance Temp. Coefficient±200 ppm/°C
Trans. Cells - Typ. Input Offset Voltage, Each Cell0.65 mV
Trans. Cells - Typ. Transconductance (VEXPO = -36mV)850 µS
Trans. Cells - Typ. Transconductance (VEXPO = 0V)215 µS
Typical Supply Current±4.8 mA
Packaging Information
Packaging Dimensions1.055 in. × 0.737 in. × 0.53 in.
Weight (Packaging)0.0066 lbs.
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