Multi Processor Module - Belton, BTSE-16FX

Multi Processor Module - Belton, BTSE-16FX

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The BTSE-16FX Effect board provides 16 different digital audio effects to be used for mixers or other audio applications that require sound enhancement. Equipped with the superb quality digital effects processing engine which it adds that extra punch needed to make audio presentations truly stand out.


  • Guitar and keyboard Amplifiers/ Combos
  • Audio mixing consoles / Powered Mixing Console
  • Karaoke systems
  • Stand -alone stereo Effect units for studio and PA usage

Effects Program Chart

1100 Hall 1 Bright hall reverb for drum, guitar and vocals.
1110 Hall 2 Warm hall for acoustic guitars, pianos and vocals.
0110 Room 1 Hardwood studio for acoustic instusment.
0100 Room 2 Ambience for acoustic mixers and synth sounds.
0000 Room 3 Warm room for guitars and rhythm.
0010 Plate 1 Classic plate reverb for lead vocals and drums.
0011 Plate 2 Sizzling bright plate reverb for vc.
0001 Plate 3 Short vintage plate reverb for snares and guitars.
0101 Chorus Stereo chorus for guitars and pianos.
0111 Flanger Stereo flanger for jet wash effects.
1111 Delay 1 125ms snapback delay for vocals and guitars.
1101 Delay 2 190ms delay for percussive arpeggios.
1001 Chorus/Room1 Chorus with reverb for guitars, synths, and pianos.
1011 Chorus/Room2 Auto wah guitar effect with reverb for lead instuments.
1010 Chorus/Delay Chorus Delay for guitars, synths, and pianos.
1000 Rotay Speaker Rotary speaker emulation for organs and guitars.

Pin Descriptions

Part Pin Name Function
CN1 1 L-Out Audio Out Left
2 R-Out Audio Out Right
3 AGND Analog Ground
4 IN Auido Input
5 3.6V +3.6V Out
6 AGND Analog Ground
7 MUTE Mute (SW 5 bit)
8 FND-DATA FND Data out
CN2 1 DB0 Serial data
2 DB1 Serial clock
3 RSTC Rest
4 GND Ground
5 3.6V +3.6V Out
CN3 1 SW1 SW 0 bit
2 SW2 SW 1 bit
3 SW3 SW 2 bit
4 SW4 SW 3 bit
5 BANK SW 4 bit
6 DGND Digtial Ground
7 FND-CLK FND clock out
8 5V +5V power supply
2 ISP-SD Analog Ground
3 RSTB Rest
4 GND Ground
5 3.6V Analog Ground
6 TEST Test
Item ID:
Accu-Bell Sound Part Number:
Accu-Bell Sound, Belton
RoHS Compliant
DSP Arithmetic24 bit
Dynamic Range90 dB
FX Presets16
Item Length35 mm
Item Width4 mm
Passband Frequency20 Hz ~ 20 kHz
Power Supply Voltage (VCC)5 VDC
S/N (A-weighted)90 dB
Sampling Rate48 kHz
Packaging Information
Packaging Dimensions3.25 in. × 1.52 in. × 0.69 in.
Weight (Packaging)0.0595 lbs.
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