Op-Amp - NJM4558L, Dual high-gain, 8-Pin SIP

Op-Amp - NJM4558L, Dual high-gain, 8-Pin SIP

Op-Amp - NJM4558L, Dual high-gain, 8-Pin SIP image 1
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NJM4558L dual op amp from JRC in a SIP8 package. The NJM4558L is the same as the DIP NJM4558 (JRC4558) otherwise. The SIP version is a great replacement for dual op amps in vintage circuits as well as a space saving package for some PCB layouts.

The NJM4558L is a dual high-gain operational amplifier with internal compensation circuit and constructed on a single silicon chip. It offers excellent characteristics by combining the parameters adjusted for a monolithic chip. The channel separation characteristic is suitable for measuring instruments.


  • Operating Voltage ( ±4V~±18V )
  • High Voltage Gain ( 100dB typ. )
  • High Input Resistance ( 5MΩ typ. )
  • Bipolar Technology

See P-Q4558 for the DIP version of this chip

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RoHS Compliant
Product Measurements by Type
Common Mode Rejection Ratio (cmr)70 dB min, 90 dB typical
Differential Input Voltage (VID)± 30 V
Equivalent Input Noise Voltage (VNI):1.4 μVrms
Gain Bandwidth Product (gbw)3 MHz
High Input Resistance:5 MΩ typical
High Voltage Gain100 dB typical
Input Bias Current (IB)≤ 500 nA, 25 nA typical
Input Common Mode Voltage Range (VICM):± 12 V min, 14 V typical
Input Offset Current (IIO)≤ 200 nA, 5 nA typical
Input Offset Voltage (VIO)≤ 6 mV, 0.5 mV typical
Input Resistance (RIN)≥ 0.3 MΩ, 5 MΩ typical
Input Voltage (Vin)± 15 V
Large Signal Voltage Gain (AV)≥ 86 dB, 100 dB typical
Operating Temperature (TJ)-40°C to 85°C
Operating Voltage±4 V ~ ±18 V
Output Voltage Swing 1, maximum (VOM1)± 12 V min, ± 14 V typical
Output Voltage Swing 2, maximum (VOM2)± 10 V min, ± 13 V typical
Power Dissipation (PD)500 W
Slew Rate (sr)1 V/μs
Supply Voltage (V+)± 18 V
Supply Voltage Rejection Ratio (svr)≥ 76.5 dB, 90 dB typical
storage temperature (Tstg)-40°C to 125°C
Packaging Information
Packaging Dimensions0.758 in. × 0.434 in. × 0.121 in.
Weight (Packaging)0.0019 lbs.
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