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Transistor Set - tested and selected for Fuzz Face, 2N1309, PNP, Germanium
This is a set of two 2N1309 germanium transistors that have been hand-selected to work in the germanium Fuzz Face circuit. Also included are 4 metal film resistors to use in the circuit. In most cases, the values have been modified from the stock values slightly to ensure that the collector of Q2 biases to roughly -4.5V. A data sheet containing the schematic and the resistor values is included so that you can use your own resistor type if you would prefer. There is a range of bias voltages that can sound nice in a Fuzz Face, and voltages in original units varied. These transistors have been tested with bias voltage, sound, and noise level in mind. Note that due to a variety of factors such as battery/PSU voltage, temperature, and component tolerance, the voltage on the collector of Q2 may not measure at exactly -4.5V, but it should be close in a properly-built circuit.
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